Joshua Sims is a talented American Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer. He made his solo album debut with "Ambient" in November 2019, which showcased his unique blend of Pop, R&B/Neo-Soul, Rock, and Indie styles of music. The album's 16 songs delve into partying, love, lust, and vulnerability, and were created in collaboration with other producers, including Joshua Brooks, David Otto, and Ranique Leslie, and mixed and mastered at Aum Studios in Bakersfield, CA.

Sims has been creating music since 2006 and producing since 2015, and his recent solo EP "Bad Boii," released on February 1st, 2023, features six tracks that incorporate Pop, R&B/Neo-Soul, and hip hop influences. Sims also produces music for other artists, including Afta, and is the lead vocalist for the Bakersfield-based band "Infinity," whose upcoming album "After Hourz" features a mix of Indie Pop, R&B/Neo-Soul, and Latin Pop music.

Sims draws inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd, and is known for his adult contemporary lyrics and experimental musical style. With a growing body of work and a promising future in the music industry, Joshua Sims is definitely one to watch.

Press photos

Joshua Sims performing at "The Backstage Bakersfield" with Infinity in July 2021. Photo taken by "Saucy Lenz"

Joshua Sims playing a right-handed Ibanez bass guitar at Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, CA with Infinity March 2022.

Joshua Sims performing in the crowd at "Royal Palace" with Infinity March 2023. Photo taken by "Aeon Photos"


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