Joshua Sims is an American Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer. Joshua released his first solo album "Ambient" independently on all music platforms November 1st, 2019. The album consists of 16 songs, which incorporates Pop, R&B/Neo-Soul, Rock, and Indie styles of music. Ambient explores the topics of party, love, lust, and vulnerability. Sims and a few other music producers including Joshua Brooks (aka a.i.a.), David Otto (aka The Real Davvy), and Ranique Leslie (aka Certified) collectively created the album, which was then mixed and mastered at Aum Studios, located in Bakersfield, CA. 

Although Champagne is the first track on the album, it is officially the second song recorded in February 2015. Noize was the first song recorded by Sims, back in October 2013. The final mixes were completed in October 2019, with the last song recorded on the album being "All Of Me". Joshua Sims wrote all of the lyrics for all songs except Noize, in which Cindy Post-Brown wrote. Joshua Sims only wrote the rap to the song. Noize is the only song not written completely by Joshua Sims. 

February 1st, 2023 saw Sims release a solo EP called "Bad Boii". The "Bad Boii" EP contains six songs which includes: My Favorite (featuring artist Afta), Pick Up The Phone, When You In The Club, Velvet Bounce, and Lullaby. This new EP from Sims is composed of Pop and R&B/Neo-Soul music, with hip hop influences. The Joshua Sims "Bad Boii" EP experiments with more adult contemporary lyrical content then his first album "Ambient". The music from "Bad Boii" was entirely produced by David Otto and Joshua Sims. The mixing and mastering of the EP was also done at Aum Studios in Bakersfield, CA. 

Although Sims records and sings music for his solo projects or his band Infinity, he also produces music for other artists as well. The types of music he produces is R&B, Pop, Rock, Latin, and Hip-Hop music. Joshua has been writing music since 2006, and producing music since 2015. Joshua has produced music for artists such as Afta, a rapper from Bakersfield, Ca. Those songs include Get What You Pay For, Same Ol Shit (featuring Riddy K), and Ready To Die. You can find these songs on all music streaming platforms.

Joshua Sims is also the lead vocalist in the band "Infinity". Infinity is a band from Bakersfield, CA. The band's album "After Hourz" was produced entirely by Sims. The "After Hourz" album contains 10 songs, each more different than the next. The album consists of the following genres: Indie Pop, R&B/ Neo-Soul, and Latin Pop music. The album's release date is currently TBA. For more info about Infinity, you can follow them on Instagram @infinity.661 

Joshua Sims musical influences includes Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd.

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